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A mystic/spiritual "adventure" - fiction, based on truth and reality










What is the relation between a secret South American labyrinth and a rich Hungarian woman with panic attacks?






Eva, a kind of „femme fatale” from the Budapest high society, is suffocating in her golden cage of the emptiness in her life. She is much neglected by her cold and manipulating husband, a financial investor. One morning, when he leaves for Buenos Aires with the early morning flight, three hours later Eva throws her claret little suitcase on the back seat of her burgundy Audi-6 and drives straight to her birth town to string the thread of her life. “Come what may, after me, the flood” is  the feeling she wants to experience that early February morning, which otherwise seemed like any other day.


She visits the old lady friend of her deceased mother who happens to have a visitor from Argentina: a handsome archeologist nephew Paolo.

A romantic love story evolves into a mystic adventure: a cave expedition in Ecuador to find artifacts and golden plates with unknown writings related to mysterious ancient civilizations.


On the spur of the moment, she accepts Paolo's invitation to Argentina, and with her best friend Angela (who is actually the story-teller) they decide to start something new. But neither of the women could guess that this trip was not merely the ending of a past but the beginning of a totally new life, leading them to a totally new world... and beyond! In the company of Paolo, his also very charming step-brother and ex-Jesuit priest Theo, and Peter, a young archeologist, the team sets off for all over South America.


A romantic love story evolves into a mystic adventure: a cave expedition in Ecuador to find artifacts and golden plates with unknown writings related to mysterious ancient civilizations.


Eva discovers unknown civilizations, sees unbelievable remnants of an ignored history. Her faith and beliefs are soon upside down.


During this exciting South-American journey through rainforests and high Andean peaks, wild rivers and aboriginal tribes, the life of a woman opens up and lets us look into another inner journey towards her real self and “up” to other dimensions. A gate opens for us as well towards ancient wisdom, mystic legends, long-lost treasures and secret teachings. 


Eva practically climbs the steps of an ancient initiation: the grades of physical, mental and spiritual awakenings. She discovers that she is one of the so-called Golden Women (in Hungarian mythology they were God-chosen women to cure and heal and who possess the “sixth sense”) with a special mission for mankind. 


The frame of the story is based on truth and reality. The Argentinean Juan Moricz of Hungarian origin discovers a huge and secret labyrinth beneath the Andes Mountains, the now famous Tayos Caves. The native shuar tribe in Ecuador shows him a secret chamber full of incredible artifacts, statuettes and golden plates with unknown writing on them. The famous 1976 expedition was organized by his British friend Stanley Hall, and the head of the expedition was the American astronaut Neil Armstrong. (The author personally interviewed the key persons in this true story in Ecuador, Stan Hall’s daughter included, which can be listened to in English by the readers. 







„ It is up to us whether we are ready to return through the Golden Gate to the lost Paradise where we shut ourselves out from.”



Man of the 3rd millennia would do anything to exclude all difficulties and illness from life with our advanced biotechnology. But long-lost Golden Age cannot be brought back by manipulating only the psychical symptoms and rejecting real spiritual transformation. As legends say, this very same road we are walking on now towards our self-destruction has already been taken by our antediluvian forefathers who encoded their warning message for us onto a crystal disc which is hidden somewhere deep under the mystic Lake Titicaca.


The road of the Golden Woman is taking us to Peru…


The scientific results of a quantum mechanics experiment proves an ancient wisdom about the special power of some crystals. Some scientists hired by "the Organization" decide to get hold of the disc and its encripted message in order to develop a special vibratory healing system. But, as it turns out, their scientific goals do not meet the will of the entrusted “keepers”, the ancient Initiated Guardians. And to make things more complicated, the code for the message can be broken only by a special chosen person whose energy wave frequency equals to that of the crystal disc.


And this person is Eva, the long-awaited “Woman dressed in the Sun, who should come from a far-away land, across the seas” - according to the ancient prophecy. Eva and our heroes return to Peru with the determination to find the underworld of legends, the heritage of a long-lost civilization beneath the Andes and its center, the Crystal Library with the disc. They want to decode the message in order to save humanity from the fatal effects arising from the eventual misuse of this crystal disc. 


But nothing goes as planned. Eva falls through a small lake into a secret passage and disappears. All their hopes, their plans, the faith in God's lead brakes into pieces in a second.  After shock and panic the team starts the rescue plan. They follow Eva through the pond into the unknown and find the hidden passage that opens to an underworld.


After many days of breathtaking walk through the underground labyrinth, amazed by the extraordinary Globe chamber, refreshed by bathing in Eden-like thermal creek, surviving an earthquake, they arrive to the Crystal Library under Lake Titicaca.


Here Eva will be able to decode the message of the crystal disc and they can turn on a futuristic holovideo from the past, in which King Nergal, Ruler of the ancient Crystal World appears on monitor to help them. They can watch an ancient “movie” on Nergal and his wonderful wife, Killa, The Moon Goddess, and the final days of a long-lost civilization before the catastrophe.


This helps them understand what is really going on in the world and how the new cataclysm could be prevented.


Now, what should they do with the message? How to convince the world?


During their mission they decipher ancient symbols and texts that reveal an obvious correlation between old Egyptian, Mesopotamian and American cultures; we also learn who were the ancient “Magus” (magicians) and how they relate to the sunken continent of MU.


       And, above all, where has the other half of God disappeared... ?

It is time to wake up and evolve us into a “supernatural” being that was created in the “image of God”.








„We are all Saints if we live our lives with God; we are all priests and priestesses if we show others the way to God”



A Heavenly Healing is offered to mankind in the form of an implant in the heart that would alter the frequency of the body so no illnesses or disease can make any harm any more.

     Eva, having found the crystal disc and decoded the message, urgently wants to awake the people to make them see the fatal effects of this false redemption.

     The implant lobby is committed to do anything to have Eva shut up.


Kidnapped and hidden in a remote part of the Amazonian rainforest, kept in prison by brutal and primitive hessian on a secret government order, helpless and vulnerable, Eva is struggling alone. In her hopeless struggle she finally sees God “face-to-face”. Much to her surprise, God is different to as described in our religious books. Only with God by her side, she can make the final step in her initiation: she can activate the God-gen in herself and thus become the promised “image of God”. She now sees clearly why and who have misled humanity with false “images” of God. God lets her see through the “veil” and find the only solution for mankind - which is rather surprising!


By miracles, a warder recognizes Eva as the missing “Priestess of Peru” in media news, and out of religious fear, he lets her escape free from the prison camp with some other prisoners. In a 3-day rainforest adventurous escape, they are saved.


United with her friends again, by Eva's initiation, they set up a project on how to communicate the incredible message to the world.


Unexpected helpers, such as the Russian metaphysics and secret ex KGB officer Jesev and American secret service agent Dr. Lepkin, plus the leader of an underworld civilization Tatunka Nara, dressed in all white, appear on the banks of the Amazon river.

Hence there is a switch in the story...


How can life be altered for good on Earth?  This will be revealed by the Peruvian Priestess.


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