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Location: Northern Peru, district of Cajamarca, village of Ninabamba

The mysterious, man-made underground huge cave systems and labyrinths are found in different parts of the earth, practically on all continents.

The following pictures were taken by myself in 2007 in Northern Peru (Cajamarca Province, Ninabamba Village), an underground cave-system that are in direct connection with the famous Tayos-cave in Ecaudor (remember Juan Moricz, the discoverer, he himself mentions that the most important chambers cross the North Peruvian area). This labyrinth system, according to the official technical documentation of the local self-government, is connected to Cusco, the former Incan capital, which is about 1,000 km in distance. What we have found and experienced: the video recorder is ruined, the camera can capture every hour.


From the entrance, we had to crawl in an approx 24 feet long tunnel or rather hole before we got into a huge, almost square room with smooth walls. From there, the corridor system, which is visible in the pictures, started with wondow opening onto it from small rooms.


The (then) Mayor of Ninabamba confirmed the local story that 3 men  went down into the cave, and when they decided after a long tour that it was time to return as it was surely getting very dark,  it turned out that a rescue team had been looking for them for 3 days ...

Interestingly, there are more similar experiences in other artificial labyrinths. Juan Moricz also reports on the difficulty of photography and the change of time. Caves have a special magnetic field. Photography was also a problem for us (digital), the video recorder was not willing to work. 


Underground mysterious labyrinths are still waiting to be explored, to be able to answer the basic questions about all the similar structures on Earth: who, when, why and how were they built?


From the underground world from Africa to Tibet through South America, ancient peoples knew and present-day initiated also know. The common issue in these memories is that it was built by a very old, former civilization, and has been inhabited until today. There are some links in English and / or Spanish at the bottom of the page, worth browsing.







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